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Air Conditioning to stay warm or cool

Allec Electrical Solutions is a licensed installer (ARCtick License #: L136825) of wall hung, floor hung and ducted split system air conditioners. Our preferred brand of air conditioner is Mitsubishi Electric, however we can supply nearly any brand you desire. Our team is trained in the sizing and design of the right system to suit your needs.

We perform a Nitrogen Pressure Test as well as a Vacuum Test on the refrigeration piping to ensure there are no leaks in the system that will damage the unit. As we are also licensed electricians and have a meticulous attention to detail, you can rest assured your system is installed to the highest standard.
We do advise that your new and old systems should be cleaned once every 6-12 months depending on the level of use. We can perform a full system clean which kills harmful bacteria, removes bad odours and increases air flow over the coils giving your system a longer life expectancy and a higher efficiency (both electrically and refrigeration wise).
  • Leaks testing
  • Air Conditioner cleaning
  • Wall hung Air Conditioner installation
  • Floor hung Air Conditioner installation
  • Ducted split system air conditioners installation

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